How to Stop Sweating: Is It Possible?

by Neel Duggal

It's fun to sweat at the gym during an intense workout. But it's not so fun when you're just sitting down to dinner or relaxing on the couch with your arm around your date. Thankfully, there are techniques you can use to answer the dilemma: how to stop sweating so much.


One of the most useful methods for reducing sweat is to modify your diet. The following techniques may reduce sweat significantly:

  • Reduce caffeine. Caffeine stimulates your central nervous system, which activates your sweat glands. To wake yourself up during the mid-day slump, walk right past the soda vending machine and get some fresh air instead.
  • Avoid spicy foods. Super hot peppers can cause you to sweat. This is because many varieties contain capsaicin, which is the culprit behind that (sometimes enjoyable) burning sensation. According to the journal Molecules, the capsaicin triggers a painful stimulus, and in turn, apocrine sweat glands respond to the pain. There are plenty of other flavors out there to give your dinner some pizzazz, so put down the habaneros!
  • Eat foods high in complex B vitamins. According to a study published in the BMJ, low levels of vitamin B12 in the body are associated with an increased risk of night sweats. Consider reaching for snacks that are high in complex vitamins, such as whole grains and fresh fruits.

Overall Lifestyle

Your diet is easy enough to modify to help decrease sweating, but your lifestyle and overall health may be the root of your sweating. Modifying your day-to-day may be the answer to how to stop sweating so much.

Being overweight may increase sweat production. This is because fat insulates heat, causing the body to sweat more readily. Also, carrying around the extra pounds takes a toll on your body and makes you work harder to get where you want to go.

The American Diabetes Association notes that being overweight can increase the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. These risks are just another reason to adopt a new, healthier lifestyle.

Stress may be another factor to sweating a lot. Consider signing up for some yoga classes. This ancient Indian practice calms nerves through meditation, focused breathing and a flow of poses. This lowers your anxiety and makes you feel more relaxed. Even though you may sweat during a yoga session, the relaxed feeling may reduce how much you sweat throughout the rest of the day. As yoga relates to being overweight, if your stress levels go down, you may be less inclined to reach for food if you're an emotional or stress eater.

Using Antiperspirants

While deodorant fights the smell from excess sweat, antiperspirants help block your sweat glands. This prevents them from releasing sweat. Oftentimes, aluminum-based compounds is the active ingredient. Antiperspirants help keep you dry, which will ensure your confidence stays high and nothing will hold you back from being successful in all areas of life.

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