• What is sweat?

    Sweat is completely normal, everybody sweats. Sweat is comprised of water, salts and other natural elements.

  • What causes sweat?

    Sweat is the healthy response from our body to cool itself down. Sweat can be caused by:


    Temperature: Body temperature increases when ambient temperature rises. Sweat evaporation on the skin helps cool our body down.


    Emotions: Emotional stress increases our heart beats and triggers our body’s production of sweat


    Food: Ingestion of food increases metabolism and leads to elevation in body temperature. This is also known as Gustatory sweating


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  • Does sweat causes body odour?

    Sweat does not actually have odour; rather, the odour is caused by bacteria normally found in our underarm region as well as in other parts of our body.

  • What's the difference between an Antiperspirant and a Deodorant?

    A Deodorant is a product designed to help reduce unpleasant odours. It does not reduce sweating, but has fragrance and ingredients that helps us smell better. Deodorants come in multiple forms, such as Sticks.


    An Antiperspirant helps to prevent the wetness associated with sweating. It has an ingredient, Aluminum or Aluminum Zirconium Salts, with the primary purpose of reducing sweat. Antiperspirants come in multiple forms including Sticks, Aerosols, Roll-ons and Gels.

  • Which Speed Stick* antiperspirant is right for me?

    All Speed Stick* antiperspirants help prevent sweat and odour that can get in your way. Click here to find the right one for you.

  • Which Speed Stick* deodorant is right for me?

    All Speed Stick* deodorants are designed, in a variety of fragrances, to help reduce unpleasant odours.

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